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We Help You Know Your Car’s Trade In Value

Many people who visit their local car dealership are interested in trading in their current vehicle against the purchase of a new or used car on the dealer’s lot. Generally, the amount offered by the dealer to purchase the trade in will be negotiated at the same time as the purchase price of the newer vehicle, but some dealers offer programs where they will appraise used cars and guarantee the trade in value whether the customer buys a vehicle at that dealership or not. Sometimes called a guaranteed trade in value, this type of program is commonly advertised by dealers with phrases like “We’ll buy your car, even if you don’t buy ours.”
At CarBuyCo, what we do is provide a guaranteed cash value for any vehicle a member of the public wishes to sell, provided all facts are fully and properly disclosed at the time of the used car appraisal, and purchase those vehicles directly from the owner without them purchasing a replacement vehicle from us. Essentially we offer the same thing as guaranteed trade programs, but with a few key differences.
First, if the vehicle you wish to sell does not need to be replaced, selling to CarBuyCo may make more sense. This is because, in some cases, dealers are willing to “stretch” a little more and pay closer to market value for a trade in if they know they are going to sell a replacement vehicle and make some profit. So if the dealer isn’t willing to pay you the same amount quoted to purchase your vehicle outright as they would for a trade in, you should shop around to get other opinions on the true value of your used car.
Last, for people who wish to understand the facts behind the wholesale value assigned to their vehicle, CarBuyCo agents are trained experts who can help you by explaining how many vehicles like yours have been sold at auctions recently, and for what prices, and can also highlight the differences between those vehicles and yours, like accident history or optional equipment.

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