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We Specialize in Used Car Values

There are lots of websites devoted to used cars. Many are listing services that help dealers and members of the public advertise their vehicles for sale to potential used car buyers. Usually, these sites offer the ability to sort and limit search results by things like year, make and model, and some even go so far as to let a prospective buyer sort the car listings by price. This can be very helpful if you are shopping for a used car and have a strict budget in mind. After sorting through a few of these classified vehicle advertising sites, you will likely have a good idea of what range you should expect to pay for a certain year or make and model of used vehicle.

If you have a vehicle you wish to sell, you may also consult these sites to determine used car values on vehicles similar to yours, to see how much you could ask for your car or truck and still be in the same price range as comparable ones currently available for sale. Be careful though, and make sure you understand the difference between the used cars offered, to avoid pricing your vehicle out of the range of comparables. Be aware that there are differences beyond the general description of the car itself that will have impact on the used car values you see. For example, a vehicle offered for sale by a reputable dealer will generally be viewed as being worth more to many consumers, in light of the many reconditioning steps taken to prepare the vehicle for sale, the comprehensive safety inspection certification (which in many cases involves some sort of standard that may be significantly higher than actual provincial safety legislation) and the guarantees most large used car dealers offer, giving added protection to the potential used car buyer.

To understand the difference between true wholesale value (the amount a professional vehicle reseller would be able to pay in order to properly recondition, certify and advertise a vehicle for retail sale) and retail selling price, you have to consider the costs of any defects or deficiencies that make your vehicle less desirable or which could possibly prevent it from being legal to drive as is, or unable to pass a certification inspection.

CarBuyCo uses current wholesale vehicle sale information to determine the wholesale value of any kind of vehicle in the Canadian market. To find out what your used car or truck might be worth, complete the quick form today.