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Selling a Used Car for the Right Price

There are a number of reasons why people find themselves in the position of selling a used car. Maybe the dealer you bought your new car from told you that their dealership didn’t want to sell a used car like your old one. Maybe you inherited a car or truck from a friend or relative. Maybe you have moved into the city and no longer need your vehicle, or you or your partner has recently retired and only need one vehicle in your household instead of two. Whatever the reason, when selling a used car the most important thing is to be aware of what the true value of your vehicle is, based on examining it in relation to other vehicles like it that are on the market at the same time.
First, take a long hard look at your vehicle. Is it damaged? Does it smell bad? Are there parts that need replacing? Do the major options work as they should? Would you want to buy it the way it looks and drives today? Would you pay more money for it than another one like it, or is it a rough example of its kind? If you can honestly say that your vehicle is extra clean (all options work, interior and exterior surfaces are free from scratches stains or chips, the vehicle is in good mechanical condition and would pass a safety inspection with relatively few repairs) then you can look at pricing your vehicle in the upper end of the range that is asked for comparable vehicles by other private sellers. If it is less than stellar in condition, or has other things that are undesirable (accident status, prior insurance claims)you should consider pricing your vehicle at or near the bottom of the price range you find for similar vehicles.
Aside from condition, you should ask yourself, how much time do I want to invest in trying to sell this vehicle? No matter how nice or clean your used car or truck is, if there are many others like it, or it is older or exceptionally high mileage, you may have to accept that it is not going to bring a high offering price from potential private buyers.
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