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Selling a Car in Ontario is Our Specialty

There are many online resources to help you with selling a car in Ontario. Kijiji Autos is probably the single biggest classified listing service used by people who have a car they want to sell, across Canada. Listing your used car or truck for sale by owner online is the first step towards ensuring a successful and profitable private sale. There are other steps you should take to make sure your vehicle compares favorably against similar ones; remember that potential buyers are going to evaluate whether the vehicle you are selling holds up in terms of value and function when compared against these other vehicles. A few considerations, if properly addressed, can make sure you have speedy success with selling a car in Ontario.
Get a true understanding of the value of your vehicle, and look for ways to enhance that value through proper reconditioning. Consider that having a safety certification inspection completed may have benefits beyond the actual repairs performed; people buying a used car or truck from a private seller may find that they feel more secure knowing that the vehicle has passed inspection, and also that the seller understands the importance of safety. Offering a Car Proof history report for potential buyers to examine and keep a copy of has become the gold standard for car dealers in Ontario; private sellers who do this as well will be seen as sellers with nothing to hide, and full disclosure of all material facts is the law in Ontario, but it is also just good ethics.
To find out what your vehicle may be worth, talk to the expert purchasing agents at CarBuyCo. Using current facts and figures from Canadian wholesale vehicle auction data, they can give you a cash quote; an amount that CarBuyCo would be able to offer you that very day to purchase your vehicle, and can tell you how it compares to other ones like it that have sold at auctions in Ontario (and in most Canadian markets). Then you can choose to complete your sale to CarBuyCo, or opt to spend a little more time trying to sell your car yourself. CarBuyCo’s written offer is valid for up to 7 days (conditions apply).To find out more, complete the quick form or call us today!