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How Much Is My Car Worth?

If you have a used vehicle to sell, you probably want to know “How much is my car worth?”

Most people have a general idea of what the value of their used car or truck could be, but when it comes down to actually putting a firm number on what the vehicle should be sold for, you should plan to spend some researching and use the resources available to you online to assist you in determining what your asking price should be.

Canadian Black Book is an excellent resource, as are the multiple classified listing websites, like Kijiji Autos, that let dealers and private seller list their vehicles for sale. Be sure to compare your vehicle to like cars: so, try to sort and filter your search down to cars of the same year, make and model, with comparable kilometers, options and of a similar desirability in colour. Remember that things like accidents or other insurance claims will have a significant impact on what your car is worth.

CarBuyCo has the goal of providing education and guidance to private sellers who want to sell their car for real market value. Our agents have access to live time auto auction data which forms the basis for our cash quote offers, accurate down to a major city or market in almost every province in Canada.

It takes some time to do the research required to get an understanding of price points, and in light of that, some people, especially those with older or lower valued vehicles, should weigh out the investment, in terms of: what is my time worth versus what is my car worth? If you can save yourself time, and get your vehicle sold quickly, you might be further ahead. Using a guide like Canadian Black Book or CarBuyCo’s cash quote pricing and a few searches online may be all you need to determine within a few hundred dollars what your car may be worth.

A quick web search of the phrase “how much is my car worth?” is an excellent starting point, as is filling in the contact form on