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CarBuyCo (especially Jennifer) have been extremely helpful with the sale of my 2009 Nissan Altima. For each stage of the sales process every CarBuyCo employee I dealt with were extremely helpful, friendly and timely. My vehicle had been taken off insurance so it was stress free in knowing that I would not have to worry about transporting it anywhere. Carbuyco took care of everything! Furthermore, I had mistakenly sent my half of the ownership documents away when the car was picked up. Again, Carbuyco was able to help me out by tracking the document down and arranging to mail them safely back to me!

~Ryan V.

Jennifer was very helpful, good system, quick and easy, plus good representatives. Very helpful, they walked me through the process.

~John Paul R.

Fantastic communication. I always knew where we were at in the process, which was as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Such an easy way to sell a car!!!

~Sam M.

I was contacted very quickly from CarBuyCo after I made initial enquiry; a lady who had conversations with me was professional and scrupulous. I had no hassles about the car pickup time and receiving my cheque. I received the appreciation call even after I sold my vehicle. The quote I received was more value than I expected; they have good customer service too. I absolutely recommend CarBuyCo to my families and friends.

~Chung Y.

Selling my used car was fast, simple and convenient. The people were pleasant and professional. They outlined the process and followed it up promptly. I would definitely use CarBuyCo again.


Thanks so much Todd & Jennifer for your all your assistance in selling my Mazda6.  I read about your service on-line and thought I would give it a try…  You both delivered exactly what was promised… a care-free way for me to sell my vehicle at a fair price with minimal disruption to my daily routine.  I would recommend your service to my friends and colleagues!


~Geoff G.

I”ve never sold a car before and was more than a little apprehensive. However, both Jennifer and Todd made it extremely easy for me to sell my car.  I  received a quote within 24 hours. In a matter of days a CarBuyTeam was at my door, I signed off, a check was handed to me and they even removed my license plates. Without exception everyone that I talked to were courteous, polite and efficient.  I would most assuredly recommend them.

~Bill A.

If you have a vehicle to sell and don’t want the hassle’s associated with conducting a private sale, Carbuyco is definitely the way to go. I recently sold my car to Carbuyco and received a fair offer for my vehicle within hours of making the first contact.  The Carbuyco team outlined the process for me, providing professional courteous service and were available to answer any questions I had related to the sale of my vehicle.  Within days I received payment and they even arranged a driver to pick up the vehicle…it was a completely hassle free process.  This is a great alternative to private sale, and one that I will recommend to my friends.  Thanks Carbuyco!

~Brad R.

The process was stress free. There was no need to acquire any of the documentation associated with selling a car privately, such as a used vehicle information package, emission testing or safety inspection. No advertising, no dealing with phone calls and messages from real or fake buyers, no test drives, no hassle. Everything was very professional, from the initial contact until the car was picked up directly from my garage. It’s a great way to avoid all the stress and hassle of selling a car privately.

~Jack F.

The quote I received from CarBuyCo was much higher than its major competitor. After the a half-hour inspection, I was offered the same price as the original quote. A few days later, my car was picked up and I was handed a corporate cheque at the same time. The whole transaction was done seamlessly and the staff were very friendly and responsive to my inquiries. I would recommend CarBuyCo to anyone who wants to sell your car fast and hassle free.


~Sophia W.