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Sell At Auction

Sell your Vehicle at Auction with No Risk!

Complete the Vehicle Information Form

Simply answer the questions about your vehicle so we can review what vehicle like yours have sold for in recent local auto auctions. We will call you to confirm the information you submit.

Tour the Auction and Register Your Vehicle

One of our Customer Service Agents will set an appointment for you to visit the auction nearest you, where you will receive a tour and can register your vehicle in an upcoming auction sale. There is no charge to visit the auction or at the time of registration.

Sale Day – Show me the Money!

Our professional auctioneers are among the best in the country! They will present your vehicle to thousands of registered bidders, both live and online, and we guarantee you will get an offer.
Once the bidding closes, our Public Auction Representative will tell you how high the bids on your vehicle were. If your reserve price is not met, you can choose to run again, in up to 3 auctions total, before removing your vehicle and paying the $80 fee for using the auction service.

Sell, Sign and Accept your Cheque

If the high bid amount is over your reserve, or you choose to accept the highest bid, your vehicle is sold! Come in to your local auction to sign your sale papers, review the bid and fee amounts, and accept your cheque.

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