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Cash for Clunkers for Your Old Car

There has been lots of buzz around vehicle recycling programs. With names like cash for clunkers or retire your ride, these programs are designed to encourage people with older or high mileage vehicles to stop driving those vehicles and get them off the roads. Often, the programs are run by vehicle manufacturers who want to see those older vehicles replaced with new ones, so they offer incentives like extra money off or an increased trade in value on vehicles 8 model years of age or older.
What happens to these vehicles after they are traded in? Some go to wrecking yards, some are destroyed, and some are offered for sale to wholesale buyers who may repair or recondition the vehicle. Many of them will pass through a wholesale vehicle auction, which regularly offer vehicles brought in as a result of cash for clunkers programs, and be sold to a dealer for retail sale or maybe an auto recycler who will offer the good and usable parts from the vehicle to repair similar ones still on the road.
Despite the negative term, these “Clunkers”, as they are sometimes called, are still valuable. While newer vehicles are more energy and fuel efficient and offer new technology in safety and amenities, there are still a number of uses for the “good old” cars and/or their parts.
If you have an older or high mileage car, truck, minivan or SUV to dispose of, and you don’t want to use it as a trade in on a new vehicle, CarBuyCo is an excellent option for you. CarBuyCo will buy your vehicle, at any age, in any condition, whether it runs or not, for the same wholesale market value that is often associated with vehicle recycling programs. We can even tow it out of your driveway or storage area, and the net purchase price will be paid to you in the form of a company cheque that you can cash that very day.
Say goodbye to your old car without saying hello to a new one with CarBuyCo. Simply complete the vehicle information form to get started today.