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Quality Car Auction in Toronto

Thanks in part to some of the new reality TV shows featuring auctions, many Canadians have recently begun to show an interest in selling or buying a vehicle at a car auction. Nowhere is this more evident than in the biggest city in Canada, and for this reason ADESA’s car auction in Toronto is now accepting vehicles on consignment through its sister company, CarBuyCo. With the help of ADESA and CarBuyCo, any person with a vehicle they wish to sell, or who needs to buy a vehicle, can do so at auction. The auto auction is historically rich with excitement and provides an unparalleled opportunity for people to buy and sell directly at current market value, without using a dealer or brokerage service.

For those wishing to buy a car at auction in Toronto, ADESA Toronto (located in Brampton, Ontario) holds public auto auction events regularly, where members of the public can register and bid for free on hundreds of passenger vehicles in one single auction. Bidding on auction items is the perfect way to pick your own price and stay within a budget, while potentially winning a car or truck that matches your needs without spending up to the full amount you had allotted. The only cost is a buyer’s fee, which at ADESA is related to the selling price of the car or truck itself. Schedules of the buyer’s fees are posted at the auction, and any of their friendly staff can assist you with determining how much you can afford to bid to make certain that you stay within your budget and understand all amounts that will be payable if you successfully win the high bid on a vehicle you want to buy.

For people who have a vehicle they wish to sell, CarBuyCo now accepts consignment vehicles on behalf of the private seller and represents them in the live auction events hosted at ADESA locations across Canada every week. Selling your vehicle on consignment at auction works in much the same way as a traditional private sale: you set your asking price (at auction it’s called a reserve price) and you decide when to say your vehicle is sold, if that price is not met on the highest bid. The only cost is a seller’s fee, determined by the selling price of the vehicle, or, in the event you do not accept the highest bid, a no-sale or “run” fee, usually under $100, which helps offset the costs the auction incurred in offering the vehicle in up to 3 consecutive live auction events.

To learn more about consigning your vehicle with CarBuyCo, complete the quick form and one our agents will contact you within a day.