Used Car Prices Dropping Between the Months of November to February

If you’ve been thinking about selling your used car but have been procrastinating, it’s time to look at the facts. Whether you are holding off on the sale for sentimental reasons or simply because you don’t know when the right time to sell is, ... (more)

How to Advertise Your Vehicle Online

How to Advertise Your Vehicle Online There are approximately 2.4 million used vehicles sold in Canada each year (2010 figure), and approximately 1 million of those are private sale, or "for sale by owner" transactions. Between just the two main o... (more)

Negative Equity – The Loan that Never Ends

When you bought your last vehicle, chances are good you took out a loan. Whether you accessed your personal line of credit, started a term loan at your bank branch, or used the dealership’s financial services manager to shop the car loans available... (more)

Selling your Car Online – Best Practices for the Private Seller

When you decide to sell your vehicle yourself, the first thing you will want to consider is where to advertise your vehicle. Besides putting a "For Sale" sign in the window, you will want to take steps to let as many people as possible know that y... (more)

Reconditioning costs and your vehicle’s value

You've seen that tooth whitening commercial, the one where the pretty girl gets a phone call from her friend who says, "Road trip! Two hours!" Immediately the attractive, well dressed model (who clearly does not have a job that requires any sort o... (more)

Personal Safety

It seems pretty straightforward. You have a vehicle you want to sell, you post it online and take the sales calls. You figure you’ll sell it in a few weeks, get most of the money you were asking, and give someone else a good deal on a great used ca... (more)

Depreciation and your vehicle’s value

We love our cars. We name them, feed them premium fuel, wash them with gentle care and follow manufacturers’ guidelines for preventive maintenance. We do these things to ensure that our vehicles stay looking young, feel and drive their best, and... (more)