Our Story

Who is CarBuyCo?

Recently opened in Canada, CarBuyCo is part of a group of auto related companies called KAR Auction Services.
As a group, we are a leading automotive handling company, helping to connect buyers and sellers in over 2 million vehicle transactions per year.

CarBuyCo is the retail purchasing arm of the auction company, operating in Canada alongside ADESA, which has 14 vehicle auction locations where professional automotive buyers, sellers and car dealers buy and sell thousands of vehicles every week. We help people like you who want to sell their vehicle, making sure you can get top market value for your vehicle, no matter what age, make or condition the vehicle is in.

CarBuyCo was developed to assist retail customers by offering them the same vehicle services we offer to our large corporate accounts. Our wholesale company, ADESA, helps manufacturers like Ford, GM, Mazda, Honda, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Chrysler and Hyundai, as well as large rental and fleet companies like Enterprise, Budget and Discount, to sell vehicles that have been leased or used for business use and which need to be sold to dealers and other company buyers.

The goal of CarBuyCo is to give people like you the same benefit as the manufacturers: to give you access to high quality buyers and help you secure the best possible market value for your vehicle, while protecting you from any risk or liability as a private seller.